Acacia Hills, Geisha – 5 Senses Coffee


This weeks coffee review is something special as I’m reviewing a coffee from Australia. I recently participated in a coffee swap with Tim Messenger (@bikehikebrew, find his blog here!) which I will go into in much more detail in an upcoming post that I’ll pop on here very soon! For now lets get back to the coffee.

This is my first ever coffee from Australia, have I said I’m excited about it? I have followed 5 Senses Coffee on Instagram for a few years now and it’s just incredible that here, in Northern Ireland, I’m reviewing their coffee. This is the first coffee that I’ve ever had that was grown and processed in Tanzania, and it hasn’t disappointed. The coffee profile for this beautiful geisha coffee is lemongrass & bergamot, light tea-like body & short aftertaste.

I brewed this coffee through my v60 to start and it was just a delightful, easy drinking coffee. There were small sweet tones with a light body. As soon as I had finished the cup I wanted to brew another! I definitely got that light, tea-like body that is mentioned in the coffee notes. I have since brewed it through my Aeropress and again, what a delight it was to drink!


The Facts:
Country: Tanzania
1900 masl
Leon & Aideen Christianakis


You can check out 5 Senses Coffee for yourself here.



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