La Acatenango – Root and Branch

La Acatenango - Root and Branch After a long house move we are back on the grind! This weeks coffee review comes from a delightful number I picked up from Root and Branch, if you don’t know who they are (have you been living under a rock?) then check them out here! Root and Branch... Continue Reading →


Stay Dialed

Every good barista will dial in their espresso and filter coffee in the morning for their cafe but not every barista seems to want it to stay on top of that standard for the whole day.  We touched on this briefly in one of our last about over extraction which you can find here, but... Continue Reading →

McCafe aint all bad …

OK so we have a confession, before you read any further, we haven’t lost our minds, the title was pretty much click bait. Anyway ... Im sure by now you’ve either seen or heard McDonalds latest marketing scheme with the Flat White, its been everywhere! Ive heard it on the radio during my morning commute,... Continue Reading →

We Are Over, Over Extraction!

Taking a break from reviewing different coffees we brew, we’re gonna talk about an issue we and other baristas/coffee lovers may face in the industry.  One of these issues is what we call the over extraction safety net. A lot of time when we go out to coffee shops we order an espresso first which... Continue Reading →

La Cabana – Obadiah Collective

La Cabana, San Pedro Miel - Obadiah Collective Its good to be back! This weeks coffee review comes from Edinburgh were the fantastic Obadiah Collective operate out of. Established in 2015, Obadiah Collective strive for exceptional customer service at the forefront of their work and roasting only the best coffees they can find! So the... Continue Reading →

Coffee in Paris

I started my Monday in Paris this week and of course I had a whole list of coffee shops that I wanted to hit up. Now as this was a birthday present for my wife and also my first time in Paris I wanted to do the typical tourist stuff and see the sights too.... Continue Reading →

Connections with Coffee

So you may or may not have seen that recently I took part in my first ever international coffee swap and it was an incredible experience. A few weeks back I sent a DM to an Australian chap called Tim Messenger, or 'Bike Hike Brew' as you may know him- and I proposed the idea... Continue Reading →

Cupping. Whats that all about?

Before I put any coffee through a brewing method, I always cup it first. A few years back my wife bought Ben and myself some cupping bowls as a birthday present. I remember being so excited as it was a complete surprise, I only remembered maybe mentioning them to her once or twice when I... Continue Reading →

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